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A journey that begins with a dream and ends with a reality of luxurious fullness, effortlessly blending with your individuality.

A tale of empowerment, confidence, and the realization of your hair's full potential.

Before and after. Three rows and custom colored extensions by Ebonie at E. Noir Extensions + Color Salon

The New Guest Experience

,Hair extensions, hairstylist, licensed hair specialist, beaded hair extensions, hand tied hair

Three Rows of textured extensions and custom color by Ebonie at E. Noir Extensions + Color Salon.


The E. Noir Luxe Experience

Ebonie, Licensed Extension artist and owner of E. Noir Extensions + Color Salon.


Meet Ebonie

Clients chair at E. Noir Extensions + Color Salon.


Experience The Luxe

Such an amazing place! I am absolutely in love with my NBR extensions!!! They feel great, look gorgeous and I have the most caring extension specialist to thank for that! Make an appointment and experience how wonderful Ebonie is, the quality of product she uses and ensures kindness and love in each of her clients.

— Allison

What People Are Saying

Ebonie creates the most fabulous place to relax and enjoy your hair day!!! She is masterful at her creations and very precise with her techniques. At the end of the journey you end up looking like you walked out of a magazine shoot. She has an amazing way with hair!

— Leandra

Simply amazing. I go to Ebonie to convert me into a blonde. Being I am Latina, it is VERY easy to end up brassy. SHE'S A GENIOUS! Not once have I left brassy, always leave entirely satisfied. Never been told "wait a week and it will wash out". Have gotten that so many times at other salons as a blonde. Would highly recommend. If you're looking for NBR AND GREAT COLOR, SHES YOUR GIRL!



The Luxe Experiences

Effortless Luxe

Envision the sensation of voluminous fullness seamlessly intertwining with your natural locks. Picture the weightless grace of added volume transforming your hair into a canvas of richness. With our One Row Extensions, you're stepping into a world of refined beauty, where every strand is color blended to perfection, mirroring the nuances of your own hair. This isn't just about fuller, thicker locks; it's about discovering your individual radiance. As you leave our sanctuary, you'll carry with you a personal maintenance guide, a roadmap to effortlessly maintaining your salon-perfect allure every single day

Elegant Luxe

Unveil a world of fuller, longer locks with our meticulously crafted Two Rows service. Imagine the harmonious blend of tailored colors seamlessly integrating into your natural hair, resulting in a transformative journey of elegance. Offering lengths ranging from 18 to 24 inches, this service isn't just about extensions; it's about an elevated experience. Watch as I artfully cut and blend, ensuring a flawless union between your existing locks and the extensions. And rest assured, a personalized maintenance plan accompanies your newfound effortless elegance, making each day a showcase of opulent volume and refined beauty.

Elevated Luxe

A realm of opulent length awaits, tailor-made for those longing for cascading locks or seeking to harmonize shorter layers. Delve into the allure of personalized color matching, offering a symphony of shades that seamlessly intertwine. With lengths spanning from 18 to 26 inches, this service embodies transformation beyond expectation. Experience the magic as I masterfully blend each row, creating a canvas of natural splendor that's uniquely you. As you depart, an accompanying take-home maintenance plan becomes your guide, ensuring lasting satisfaction and a continuous showcase of sumptuous allure.

Exquisite Luxe

Discover the art of embracing your natural texture and curls through our transformative Three Rows service. Elevate your experience with bespoke coloring, offering a personalized canvas that resonates with your unique style. With lengths ranging from 18 to 26 inches, witness the synergy as I seamlessly cut and blend, enhancing the natural rhythm of your curls. As you step into this journey, a meticulously tailored take-home maintenance plan ensures that your newfound allure remains a vibrant expression of you.

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