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What Makes Me Special?

I feel like that word is thrown around a lot.


Everyone is special and yet no one is.

We all have insecurities. We all have fears. We each have our own special talents, some better than others of course, some talents are beyond belief. Some talents are so amazing because of the countless hours dedicated to perfecting it. You can watch Americas Got Talent to see that firsthand!

In the hair industry the word specialist is a word that seems to be everywhere. If you’re looking for stylists on say, Instagram, Facebook or Google, the word specialist is in almost every stylist’s bio.

So, what does the word specialist really mean? And why should you even care?

The word specialist is defined as “A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity, a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field. An expert.”

When I think of a specialist my mind goes directly to a doctor. There are heart specialists, brain specialist, plastic surgeons specialize in certain areas of the body. You wouldn’t go to a Brain surgeon if something was wrong with your heart, would you?

Why should hairstylists be any different? We are a little like doctors, doctors of hair.

Can I really say I specialize in everything hair and truly mean it?

Can I wax some eyebrows? Yes, I can.

But can I shape them? Can I give you that perfect arch in just the right spot so they look amazing?

Nope, sure can’t.

Can I do a men’s cut? Yes, I can.

Can I do a fade so that it looks like he’s a model for GQ Magazine?

Nope, not even close.

Here’s why.


Yes, you read that right, there are some services I don’t want to do.

I became a hair stylist to change women’s lives. Seriously, whether you believe it or not your hair has a big, if not the biggest influence on how you feel about yourself. If your hair is on point and you know your hair is on point, when you walk into a room you want everyone to notice it too. I want to give you that feeling, just by doing your hair.

There is a saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It is one of my favorites.

Yes, I can do all the things that I learned to do 15 years ago in cosmetology school, but am I the master of them all? What do you think?

Let’s talk about what I truly specialize in.


It’s a science. Without getting all technical on you about hair color and the chemistry of it, just know that there is a lot that goes into formulating color. Your natural hair color, whether you have gray hair, how much gray hair you have all have to taken into consideration before I mix your color. What previous color has your hair been colored, have you had your hair highlighted? Can I take all that information and make your hair the color you desire without damaging it or worse causing it to fall out? Most importantly, can I customize it to fit YOU and only you?

Only if I have mastered that skill.


Do you think about the route you take when you are driving home? Do you map it out and think about every turn you must make, or remember the streets you must turn on? Or has it become such a habit that you don’t even think about the names of the streets you turn on? It has become so routine that your subconscious has taken over and you can drive home without thinking about it.

That is how I feel about hair extensions.

It has become part of my muscle memory. I no longer need to think about what step comes next. I have spend hundreds of hours not only in the salon with my clients but at home in my bathroom just me and my mannequin head, beading, clipping, sewing. Then taking it all out and doing it again. And again. And again.

I just do it.


I love it! I love the flow of it all. I love the creamy texture of the color, I love watching the mixture change colors as it is processing on my clients hair. I love the sound the foil makes as I fold it. I love watching the color dance off the hair as the water rinses it away, leaving the exact color I pictured underneath.

I love the movements my hands make around my clients as I string the tiny little beads around her head. I love the dance the hair extensions do as I run my fingers through the slightly warm curls.


Practice. Repetition. Doing the work. The hours I have spent on just those two services would probably shock you.

If you know me, then it probably wouldn’t shock you because you know how dedicated I am to the craft.

Failing. Messing up, crying, and starting over.

Getting frustrated because it didn’t come out right. Having to take it all out and doing it again.

And again. And again.

Smiling because of how beautiful it looks as she walks out the door. Watching her swing her head as she gets in the car with a smile across her face, she doesn’t even know she has.


Yes, that is what I am.

That is what I will always be.



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