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What is NBR™?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

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A view from our hotel pool

What a Wild Week!

I am sitting on my bed on a beautiful and cool Sunday evening. I am attempting to recover from a week long trip to Huntington Beach California. Needless to say I am Jet Lagged! All for a fantastic reason though!

I attended for the second time in a year the BMS Convention. What is that you ask? It is where I get refueled!

A hands on, in depth, intensive training for

Natural Beaded Row™ Extensions!

300+ hair artists from around the world met up at the beautiful Pasea Hotel for 3 days of classes that started at 8am and ended at 9pm! Sounds crazy right? Well, lets be honest, we hair artists can be a little crazy sometimes.

Me on the Huntington Beach Pier!

I attended this convention with one of my stylists, Elizabeth. Together we spent about 15-20 hours working on just the hair extensions. Let me tell you it is not easy and it takes a lot of patience and passion to perfect something like this. We enjoyed every minute of it. The rest of class was all about our clients. How we as artists can make this the best experience for you!

So What is NBR™ Exactly?

Well, NBR™ stands for Natural Beaded Rows™. An exclusive hair extension method created by a woman named Danielle K. White. About 10 years ago she, a hair artist herself, started perfecting this method after numerous attempts to having natural looking hair extensions.

With NBR™ extensions this is no glue or tape involved, these extensions do less damage, hide better and won't slip out! I use 100% hand tied human boyhem hair. For those of you who have experience with extensions you know what a difference it makes in the type of hair you use. The wefts of hair are super lightweight which gives me better control over placement and allows my clients to have fuller, longer hair. Hand tied hair is for women who want their hair extensions completely undetectable. Who wants their hair extensions to show?

NBR™ extensions are great for creating volume and fullness, but also can add the length my clients have always wanted but just couldn't get because their hair only grows to a certain length.

Machine tied vs.Hand tied hair

Why am I telling you all of this?

NBR™ hair extensions have become something I am passionate about. My mother was my first client. 20 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and because of that she lost a lot of her hair. What did grow back was not the same. She kept it super short for a very long time. The sides of her hair suffered the most and no matter what I did, how I colored it, or how I styled it, there was no way to hide that. No woman should have to suffer with thin lifeless hair.

My Mom before

My Mom After

With NBR™ hair extension now they don't have to!

I truly believe that every woman should feel as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. Which is why I am in love with this method. I am in love with the results I am seeing with my clients. Within the coming new year Natural Beaded Row™ Extensions will be my main focus as a hair artist. I want women who have hair that doesn't grow passed their shoulders to have the hair of their dreams. I want women who have suffered hair loss due to pregnancy, to have the hair of their dreams. I want women who have lost some of their hair due to illness or medication to have the hair of their dreams!

Sound like a dream come true?

Then click here and apply!

Next week I will share with you what makes Natural Beaded Row Extensions different from all the rest!

Stay tuned!

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