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Stop Talking Yourself Out of It!

These were the exact words I told Alicia as I was talking to her on the phone. She had been thinking about extensions for quite a while. She had searched online for the right extension method. She filled out my Natural Beaded Row Extensions application. As we talked, she kept coming up with all the reasons she wanted to do it, followed by all the reasons she couldn't. Finally, I asked her why she kept trying to talk herself out of it. I already knew what she was going to say. "It's a big investment," I promised her it would be more than worth it in the end. (I ended up being right, by the way).

She wanted to keep her natural color and not do anything too drastic with her color. That's the beauty of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions; the extensions are colored to match your hair seamlessly. Whether you want something completely different or want to keep it on the natural side NBR Extensions are so customizable we can do whatever is best for you and your hair.

As time went on, Alicia began to realize the change happening to her. Not just to her hair but within herself. After the first row of extensions went in, she couldn't keep her hands out of her hair, which is always a good sign.

By the end of the appointment, her transformation was complete, and she was in tears as I turned her around to face the mirror.

Alicia's transformation was more than just coloring her hair and adding extensions. It changed her entire outlook. Her confidence was untouchable and does not go unnoticed; you can see the spark in her eye.

It's your turn to stop thinking about all the reasons you can't and start thinking about all the reasons you SHOULD!

Want the Stunning Hair NBR® Gives You?

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