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Simply Irresistible...

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I am always sharing the behind the scenes of what goes into Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Transparency is very important to me, my clients and should be to you as well. I want you to know everything! And when I thought about all that I had shared so far I realized I had not introduced you to the 2 main hairlines I use for NBR Extensions.

When it comes to NBR Extensions it is no doubt an investment. An investment in yourself that you should not take lightly.

Up until about 2 years ago, there was only one manufacturer making hand-tied hair extensions. Bohyme. That was the only kind of hair that was used for Natural Beaded Row Extensions. It served me well, it did its job but unfortunately, it was quite often out of stock of what I needed and because of the demand increasing because Hair Extensions has exploded in popularity, the quality of those extensions went downhill.

Danielle K. White the creator of Natural Beaded Rows knew something had to change. In order to stay in the game and lead the way, she created her own Hand-tied hairline, ISLA. And may I say it is magical! When I use Isla your hair extensions are backed with a 100% guarantee! I have put my full trust in this hairline because I know it is only 1 of 2 of the best hairlines on the market today.

The next player in the game is Covet & Mane. Nearly as perfect in every way to NBR's Isla. So why do I use it? Because it now offers different textures and curls, something that is very important to me being a curly girl my self. I want to be able to offer extensions to as many women as possible no matter the texture of their hair.

These are the only 2 Hand-tied hairlines I offer when doing Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Both backed by my 100% guarantee. They are the best on the market which means my clients are getting the best real human hair on the market which means the best most natural looking hair extensions you will ever experience.



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