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She Felt Like Herself Again

I have to share this amazing transformation I did a few weeks ago!

My client finished her chemo treatments in February of this year after five years of treatment. The damage it did to her hair was heartbreaking.

She gave me permission to share a little bit about her struggles.

After five years of chemo, her hair, which was once vibrant and full, was now dry, brittle and extremely short in the back. She didn’t lose all of her hair but she lost a significant amount.

She contemplated shaving it all off and starting all over again, but growing it out was going to take forever. Instead she took to the internet to search for other options.

The first time I met her was just for a consultation. I knew I had to see her in person in order to make sure that I could give her what she desired.

We ended up having a tough conversation.

Her hair was so short on the top and in the back she would HAVE to style it strategically no matter what. She wanted to keep as much length as possible so styling was going to be an everyday thing from now until it grew out.

She was ready. She missed her hair. She missed who she used to be. She was willing to do whatever it took to have hair again.

This had to be one of the hardest, most rewarding transformations I have ever done. She texted me when she got home and said she pretty much ugly cried all the way home.

Thankfully her hair is growing back! It will take time and patience and hopefully it will come back even better than before.

Until then, she will be rocking two and a half rows of Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

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