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Ok, I'm Obsessed!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

January has flown by so fast I can't believe its already almost gone! I remember New Year's Eve and then the rest is just a blur!

2020 has started out a little rough, I'm not going to lie. Mostly because time seems to be going faster and I have so much I want to do!

But I have found a few things I am obsessing over and I want to share them with you!

If you live in Albuquerque or are going to be visiting Albuquerque any time soon you need to go to Total Betty Doughnuts!

Total Betty is the cutest little shop you will ever see. It opened up about 6 months ago and has been going strong ever since. Stop in for some delicious bite-sized treats and a hot cup of coffee, you won't be disappointed!

These little nuggets of heaven are not only a sweet treat but they make a fabulous gift. So many flavors, so little time! They are made fresh just for you, while you wait. Trust me, they are SO worth the wait!


I love to read and have ever since I was little. My mom would read to me and my sister every night in bed. That love of reading is still strong however now if I try to read a book before bed I end up falling asleep before I even get started.

Audible from Amazon has been such a time saver. I can now download almost any book on any subject and listen to it as I clean the house, drive to work or laying in bed.

My most recent purchase from Audible is called "The Power of Habit Why We Do What We Do." I just started it but man is it great! It talks about our brains and how habits are formed, broken and rewritten. I can't wait to listen to more. It has sucked me in and won't let me go!


Last but not least! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably already know what I am going to say. If you're new here, I am more than happy to show you!

I have to brag just a little...I am obsessed with my hair!

I had a new set of Natural Beaded Row Extensions put in last Sunday after 2+ weeks of going without them. I can't believe how much I missed them! I was craving my extensions! I did go a little shorter than what I had last time but that's because we did curly extensions! I know it doesn't look like it from the pictures but I really do have some pretty curly hair. My desire was to have curly extensions so that I could try and rock the natural curl.

This is my first time with curly extensions so I am still learning but I am in love with them so far and I can't wait to share my curly journey with you! So make sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram!

That's just one more reason I love Natural Beaded Row Extensions! The versatility that can be created for my clients goes beyond straight hair. I can customize extensions to match almost every texture of hair! Pretty amazing right?

You are unique, your hair should be too. Experience the uniqueness of Natural Beaded Row Extensions by clicking here and filling out my application!

There you have it, just a few of the things I am obsessed with at the moment. I promise to share more of the things I love with you!

Talk soon!


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