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My Latest NBR Transformation

Meet Darina!

My latest Natural Beaded Row Extensions client! She booked her appointment over 2 months ago and on Saturday she was finally able to experience a transformation like never before.

She was nervous but so excited! Her hair has always been thin, and after growing her hair out from a pixie, this is as long as it got after 4 years. She had no idea what to expect. She had heard that this was the best method of hair extensions for her and her hair and she was right!

Her reason for investing in herself? Besides having thin hair that won't grow much past her shoulders, she entered a fitness competition that will take place in 4 weeks! Can I just say that these fitness competitions are amazing! The eating and exercising schedule you have to stick to takes some serious dedication and Darina is killing it. Not that I know much about them, but still, what I have seen and learned wowed me!

Not only did she want a killer body up on that stage, but she also wanted luxurious long blonde hair to go with it! I could only grant one of those wishes.

So what exactly does the whole process look like when getting NBR Extensions? Let me show you a little behind the scenes action!

After filling out the NBR Application Darina and I had a phone consultation where we talked about her! Her hair, Her lifestyle, her hair history, and her hair goals! If she could have the hair of your dreams, what would it look like? Can it be accomplished? Could she really have thicker, fuller hair in a matter of a few hours? That's what we discuss in our phone consultation. During our phone consult, we scheduled her hair appointment.

Now on to the fun part!

We start with photos! Lot's and lots of pictures are taken throughout the entire process.

Then we move on to color. With your first NBR Extension install color is included. Not only do I color your hair, but I also color the extensions to match your hair color perfectly.

With Darina, we kept it pretty simple. She wanted to refresh her highlights while also blending in her root color. This gives the overall look of being all blonde with a hint of dark dimensions throughout. No one is just one solid color, whether you are a brunette or a blonde, each head of hair has several different shades running through it. My goal: to make sure your hair color and the extensions match seamlessly!

Beadwork. This is the foundation of Natural Beaded Row Extensions. The most important part. Generally, for most clients, 2 rows of extensions are all that is needed to give you the longer and thicker hair that's desired. The beadwork follows the curve of the head so that when the extensions hair is attached it lays on the head and is completely undetectable. And, even more important, it allows you to wear your hair in any style you can think of!

Next, the hair is placed on the string and beads and stitched together securely. With NBR Extensions, they should feel snug, but should never be painful, there shouldn't be any tugging or pulling. If there is, let me know immediately so that I can adjust it to make it comfortable and painless.

Once we have the hair all stitched in we must make sure it all looks like it grew out of your head! Cutting and blending are next on your hair journey. It may look and feel like I'm cutting all of your hair off, but trust me, once I am done it won't only look like you grew it yourself, it will feel like your hair.

With the right amount of cutting and blending, wearing your hair straight is totally possible! Not all extensions allow you to wear your hair straight. Just one more reason I am in love with this method.

Now here is where it all comes together!


I love the loose waves in long flowing hair, there's just something about it that says "elegant" to me. Is that just me?

We finish up with another photo session! This one is fun for both of us! You get to show off your long mermaid locks as much as you want to! I think, I take about 50-75 after pictures, no joke!

There you have it! From start to finish, the entire Natural Beaded Row Extension process.

Pretty neat right? I have loved transforming each and every extension client I have had so far. I would love to have you as my guest as well!

If you are interested in experience Natural Beaded Row Extensions click here and fill out the NBR application!



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