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It's Getting Intense

WHEW! What a whirlwind! Last month I was in Dana Point California! Yes, I was in California again. Want to guess why? Ok, I'll tell you.

If you have read any of my other blog post you know that in November of 2018 I went out to Huntington Beach California for my second class for Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Well, it didn't end there. After getting back my education continued. Throughout December I was in a competition of sorts. My goal was to become 1 out of 250 artists hand picked to become an elite hair artist in Natural Beaded Row Extensions. I had to complete several tasks, including doing extensions on 4 live models, and practicing on a mannequin head every single day. Let me tell you it was not easy! It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done! This was all during the holiday season which as we know is super busy. Every night I would come home and work on my doll head, or work on my marketing. The entire month of December was devoted to getting into the next phase of NBR Education.

Well I did it! I am now a member of what is known as Master Mind. I could not be anymore excited then I am right now. I proved to myself that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything! But it doesn't end here...

Now onto Dana Point.

Being in the Master Mind program means my focus is now on becoming an elite artist in Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Over the next year I will be traveling 7 times to California! 7 TIMES! That sounds a little insane doesn't it? But if I want to be able to give my clients the perfect experience along with gorgeous hair extensions, I know I can't do it on my own and truthfully I don't want too. Plus who wouldn't want to see this beautiful beach 7 times in year!

For the first time in my life I flew by myself which as a 40 year old wife and mom shouldn't be that hard, right? Well it was a little scary but, I did conquer my fears! I flew out on a Wednesday, class was on a Thursday and flew back on a Friday. Flying is hard by the way, physically, especially when you have layovers, even if they were short ones.

I met the most amazing group of women, from all over the country. Each of these women were striving to be the best they could possibly be, which is truly inspiring to me. There were only 10 of us in this small class which meant we had some real hands on specialized training. For 7 hours we worked on our mannequins with the goal of perfecting our bead work and stitching. It was not easy and tears were shed. It got frustrating for me because I want to be perfect and with this method and technique being so customized and detailed, practice is the only way I will ever perfect these skills.

Lunch was fun, we walked down the block and sat out in the beautiful California sun and enjoyed some delicious food. The Macaroni and Cheese was to die for!

We spent an hour talking about anything and everything. Learning about each other, creating lifelong friendships with one another that I truly hold dear. Then it was a lovely walk back to class and back to work.

This was just the first of seven trips. An amazing class I got to finally experience. I am forever changed. I am now better at what I do, not just because of what I learned and what skills I brought back with me, but also because of the people I got to connect with and learn from. I will never forget this first class, I will never forget these women I have met and what they have taught me. My next class is in March! It's coming up fast but I can't wait!

If you are interested in Natural Beaded Rows please visit my website and apply! Then we can have a in-depth consultation and talk about your hair needs and wants. I hope to see you soon!


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