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"I've Never Had Long Hair!"

Bri loved being a blonde. Sometimes a platinum blonde, but always a blonde. Over time that took a toll on her hair.

As an endurance runner, she wanted extensions that would fit

her lifestyle.

Low maintenance extensions are exactly what she needed!

So you may be asking:

How do I maintain them?

How long does the hair last?

Will they damage my natural hair?

Maintaining them is easier than you think.

Here's exactly what I tell every guest who sits in my chair.

-Brush them! Don't be afraid to brush your hair.

-Wear them in a low ponytail or braids at night.

-Use professional products to keep them lasting as long as possible.

Keeping up with your at-home routine is just one part, the other?

Your move-up appointments!

I recommend coming in every 6 to 8 weeks.

How long does your extension hair last?

Anywhere from 6-9 months, but several of my guests have their extensions last up to 9 months. If you are maintaining them well, they should last!

Now the most important part.


Yes, extensions can cause damage to your hair.

BUT, with Natural Beaded Row Extensions I use LESS points of contact on your natural hair. The integrity of your natural hair is my #1 priority. With proper care and maintenance damage to your hair can be avoided.

It's time to invest in your DREAM hair...You won't regret it!

Come and experience the most natural-looking hair extensions, while still maintaining the integrity of your natural hair!

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