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I'm So Embarrassed To Be a Hairstylist!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

I am imagining you looked at this title and a little question mark popped up over your head.

Let me explain.

Hair extensions have been around for centuries. As in, Cleopatra had a weave. Fun fact, her favorite color was peacock blue! How great is that?

Anyway, they obviously have grown in popularity and thanks to technology, have gotten better over time. Now extensions, weaves, wigs, hairpieces are available to anyone and everyone who needs or wants them.

You may be considering extensions for yourself!

Therein lies part of the problem.

The demand for hair extensions has hairstylists around the world, learning any and all extensions techniques. This is a good and bad thing.

The Good: As a hairstylist learning new techniques and fine-tuning my skills it requires me to take as many classes as I possibly can. I invest in my education. I have spent upwards of $10,000 just on one extension method. I have spent the last 2 years perfecting my skills as a Natural Beaded Row Extension Artist. I have traveled a total of 6 times out to California this year alone. Why? Because I want to give my clients the best extension experience possible. I want my clients to love their hair, and to have healthy, beautiful hair. As my client, your hair is my advertisement. My reputation is on the line every time you walk out the door.

The Bad: Sometimes hairstylists don't see the true value in investing in themselves. I get it, it can be really expensive to pay for classes, travel to the class, etc., They want to learn, don't get me wrong, but they don't want to pay or aren't able to afford to learn from an actual expert and think they can do it on their own. Some may be able to. What embarrasses me the most is that stylists will claim the extension method they are doing is Natural Beaded Rows when in actuality it's not even close. In order to be a Natural Beaded Row Extension artist, the stylist would have had to attend a 2-day class in California, at the very least. That is the only place this method is taught.

How do I know all of this?

I have had not one, but two clients sit in my chair with what they were told was Natural Beaded Row Extensions. The stylist they went to prior to me told them it was Natural Beaded Row extensions, and unfortunately, clients believe them, why wouldn't they. We are the professionals, we should know what we are doing. That is what the client expects.

Ladies, there is a HUGE difference between a stylist who has invested time and money into their extension education and one who hasn't.

Here is the first example. Let me point out a few things, just in case you aren't sure what you are looking at. These extensions are about 6 weeks grown out and should NOT look like this! On the rights side of her head, her hair extensions have fallen out. On the left side, they are barely hanging on. What you can't see is the knots and matting of her natural hair. Her other 2 rows are falling out as well. It took me over an hour to remove these extensions and comb out the knots.

Your hair extensions should never look like this! Who would want their hair to look like this after 6 weeks?

This is what my client's hair extensions look like after 8 weeks.

The hair extensions are still completely attached. There is no matting, no tangling, and no knots.

Her extensions are still in great shape. During every maintenance appointment, I not only color your hair but I color the extension hair as well.

Yes, I color the extensions at every single maintenance appointment. This ensures your hair extensions match seamlessly every single time.

My next client had only had her extensions in for 2 weeks.

Here you can see the thick string sticking out.

It seems to be bunched up and pretty thick.

Her bottom row was barely hanging on.

And to be honest, I am not sure what that piece was there for. It didn't really serve a purpose.

My poor client not only had hair extensions falling out of her head, but she also had actual bald spots because the extensions were not placed correctly.

Hopefully, her hair will grow back in that spot, but it may not.

The goal of hair extensions, for my clients, is to ADD hair. When extensions are done wrong or are done by someone who isn't fully trained in the extension method they are using the damage can sometimes be irreversible.

As a hairstylist for over 15 years, I, of course, have had to fix other stylist's mistakes, whether it was a bad haircut or a bad color. I get it we aren't perfect and make mistakes, I'll be the first one to admit to all the hair mistakes I have made over the years.

There is a difference in my opinion, not in the extension method but in the stylist who is doing the extensions.

When it comes to hair extensions the more you know, the better your experience will be!

Here are some ways to make sure you choose the right extension artist:

1. Have you seen their work on social media? I am not just talking about Instagram. If you Google their name or their salon name do they come up? Can you see more pictures of their work? Check out those reviews too! Visit their website, email them and ask questions. It's your hair and your investment.

2. Have they been to an actual in-person extension training? Not sure? Ask them! Find out what method they use, how long they have been doing it? There are lots of different extension methods on the market today, the best ones, offer in-depth training.

3. Do they claim to "specialize" in everything? If so, I'd dig a little deeper. Extension specialists are specialists because that is ALL they do. If the stylist you are considering dabbles in a little bit of everything, I'd keep looking.

4. Do their prices seem really low compared to others? The saying goes "You get what you pay for" If you have looked around and have found the "lowest price" be prepared to have some issues along the way.

5. Have you been asked to purchase the extension hair yourself? This one shocks me every time I hear it. As Natural Beaded Row Artists we are trained and required to purchase all of the hair for our clients. In order to give you not only the best experience but the best hair extensions, I have the hair in stock for every single extension client, this makes it even more customized to each person. I am able to use as much hair as I need to give you the hair of your dreams. If you are asked to purchase your own hair, I would suggest thinking twice about your investment.

If you haven't visited my website yet I'll be more than happy to give you a short and sweet little run down on what to expect from me if you are considering Natural Beaded Row Extensions!

  • The first step is to submit an application. Why? Natural Beaded Row Extensions aren't for everyone. This application allows me to find out more about you, your hair goals and if you are a fit for this extensions method. It's quick and easy to do. You will be asked to send me a picture of your hair both front and back. It's important to follow the instructions on how to take the pictures. I have to be able to see your hair from the front and the back.

  • Next, I reach out to you and we set up a phone consultation. This is what I like to call our pre-consult. You get to tell me all about you and your hair history. This is also where we discuss price based on your hair goals. At the end of the conversation, if you are a good candidate for Natural Beaded Rows, you will be asked to put down a $500 retainer to reserve your appointment. This retainer goes towards the purchase price.

  • Then, you will receive an email from me during the week of your hair appointment. If you have any other questions or concerns thats the place to ask away!

  • Finally, It's hair day! This is the day it all comes together! We will be spending about 5 hours together and trust me we will be having fun!

Thanks so much for being here!



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