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I Drank the Kool Aid!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

So I finally did It. I got Natural Beaded Row Extensions put into my own hair!

2013, Super short pixie & Super blonde hair!

Now let me start by saying, if you have been following me on social media you have seen a few of my selfies. I have had a very short pixie or very short hair for a very long time. It's been a good 15 years or more that I've had short hair. I have not even attempted to grow out my hair in that long. Prior to Cosmetology School I did have long hair.

My Husband and I in 2003, When I had long luscious hair!

When I got married my hair was around the middle of my back. Then when I did start Cosmetology School, we were always practicing on each others hair and I was game for anything. So it just kept getting shorter and shorter.

Once I started working at JC Penney's salon, about 10 or more years ago, short hair was really in. I just decided to do the big chop. I had done it before of course. I would cut it short and grow it out, cut it short and grow it out. I did love it short. As I moved through salons, the stylists I worked with were so good at cutting short hair, I just decided to keep it short. It was easy to keep it short plus I could change up my color as often as I wanted whether I wanted to be blonde one month or have purple hair the next month. I knew that if I didn't like what ever the outcome was I could cut it off and pretty much start all over.

I then found Natural Beaded Row Extensions. I wasn't looking for an extension method for myself because, I was happy with my short hair. I would get an urge every once and a while to grow it out, but as we all know growing out short hair is hard and it seems to take forever! About 2 years ago I was looking for an extension method for my mom and for my clients that suffered from thin, fine hair. I came across Natural Beaded Rows and fell in love with the method. I researched, watched videos, followed them on all social media, learned everything I possibly could about this method and realized this was what I wanted to start offering my clients. I signed up for my first class, which was in December of 2017. Now I remember them saying that as a stylist I needed to try Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) on myself so that I can walk in my clients shoes and feel what it is they feel. At that time though I had a very short pixie, so I knew it was going to take at least a good year for my hair to grow out long enough to be able to get the extensions. I wish I could say that I started growing it out right then and there, but I didn't. I actually shaved the back and sides of my hair and didn't start growing it out until around the spring of 2018. The top of my hair has grown out fairly fast, and reaches down around my chin. When I attended my second class in November of 2018 they really did stress putting the extensions in. I needed to be able to feel what my clients are feeling. Luckily, my partner in Natural Beaded Rows, Abbey, went with me to the class and so we both decided that it was time to do each others hair and start wearing NBR. I was Abbey's very first client. She had already worked on a mannequin for a good 3 months so I knew she knew what she was doing, but doing it on a real head for the first time can be quite nerve racking. So I wanted to be her first one, to help get those first time jitters out and so that she would then feel more comfortable doing it on one of her clients. I could not be any happier! It came out amazing! I will tell you, the very first night, and a couple nights after, I slept with a silk head wrap. My mom makes them and they made sleeping with the extensions a lot easier. The first night you feel like you're sleeping with a baseball cap on. It feels snug. I did have her adjust one of the beads on the top of my head, just to make it a little more comfortable. I have had them in for exactly one week and well, I have long hair now. I do not feel them, they are not tight, they do not hurt. I have to be aware of them when I am brushing my hair out, otherwise I don't remember they are there. I have never had extensions like this before.

Good old Weave! I did love it though!

However! I have had a weave before, where my hair was completely braided up and synthetic extension hair was then sewn onto my braids. Using synthetic hair was an utter mistake. It got tangled very easily, I couldn't curl it, I couldn't use any hot tools on it. I used synthetic hair because I wanted a fashion color and the thought of coloring extensions was out of my thought process. It also itched so bad! I thought my scalp was going to fall off because I was scratching so much. I remember the stylist telling me to pat (hit) my head when it itched and that would make the itching go away, but believe me that did not help very much. I realize that it was something I had to get used to and that was the first time, and had I done it again it probably would have been a better experience but after a few days I took those babies out and never did that again!

I do not wash my hair every day. I wash my hair about once a week, by the end of that week my head gets itchy anyway and even if I use Amika Dry Shampoo I can't really go past a week without washing. Dry shampoo by the way, is a life saver and makes life so much easier! NBR is only used with real hair, which means it can be colored, washed, blow dried, curled, flat ironed, what ever you can do to your hair, you can do to NBR extensions.


Who is NBR for?

NBR is for just about anybody! It does however, speak to certain women. Did you know there are around 30 million women suffering from overall thin, fine, lifeless hair? Some women have suffered from an illness and now because of medication, their hair is just not the same. Those women, like my mother, just want some fullness and life back into their hair. They aren't looking for long hair. With NBR you can have that fullness with out having to have really long hair. Extensions are not just for people who want long mermaid hair! Most women have thin hair on the sides of their head, this area is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. Wouldn't it be amazing to look in the mirror and have those thin sides be fuller and thicker? Even if they have long hair, their sides are the thinnest and most times quite see through. The beauty of NBR is that it fills in those thin sides, giving you hair you can actually style and do something with! How amazing is that!

What about the back?

There are also women whose hair is just fine all over, even in the back. Lot of women are just born with thin hair all over. You know that baby fine hair that grows to a certain point and then just stops and the ends are very thin and very fine. Some women think they are destined to have this hair. Or they keep it short so that it will look fuller. They definitely don't have the fullness they desire. Natural Beaded Row Extensions can fill in the sparseness of your hair, and even it all out. giving you not only the fullness on the sides but in the back as well. Whether you want just want to fill it in or you want length, you can have both with this extension method.

Then there is the mermaid hair! There will come a day when I too will have long mermaid hair. Why? Because I have never had long mermaid hair. I would grow my hair out to a certain length and then cut it all off and start all over! This is for all the women who loved their long hair they used to have and now because of what ever circumstances has happened in their life they can not get it to grow again. Now I will be the first to admit that turning 40, my hair does not grow like it did when I was a teenager. I mean let’s just cut to the chase and be honest, that’s just what it is. You have to figure my hair is 40 years old too! So for women who want that hair, that long hair they used to have, NBR can give that to you.

NBR can really help almost (not every) woman with almost any thin, fine, short hair problem.

•If you are lacking fullness and your sides are very thin, NBR is the answer

•If you can only grow your hair out to a certain length and you try to get it passed that length and your ends are very fine and sparse at the ends, NBR is the answer

•If you want that long luscious, Victoria Secret, model hair, NBR is the answer

•If you are just trying to grow out your hair and it seems like it is taking forever, NBR is the answer

That is just a few of the reasons I haven fallen in love with Natural Beaded Rows. Well that and my hair looks amazing!!


Ready for the Reveal?

I now have 2.5 rows in my hair! I don't have super long mermaid hair because the length of my natural hair is too short for now. Don't worry, I plan on having it as soon as I can! Plus, it gives me a chance to get used taking care of this hair. It's not hard but I do need to practice styling it, which, I just found out does take a few extra minutes in the morning, once I get used to doing it I am sure it will be very easy!

If you follow me on Social Media you'll see a lot more pictures of me and my new hair.

Here's whats cool....

I didn't think it would make much of a difference, I mean I have loved having short hair and have for years. I didn't think having long hair would mean much. Well I was totally wrong! I feel different! I feel younger, sexier, more confident! Things I thought I had already felt with short hair.

It really is amazing what a difference in your hair can make.

Are you relating to any of these hair issues? Have you said to yourself more then once "That's me!"?

If so then Natural Beaded Row Extensions maybe the answer for you!

Here's what I want you to do next! Click here, you'll be taken to an application form. Fill it out and then lets talk about what Natural Beaded Row Extensions can do for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

See you next week!


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