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Happy 2019!

2019 is Officially Here!!

Crazy isn’t it? Another year has passed us by already?

So, did you accomplish all your goals you set for yourself in 2018?

Ya, me either.

It’s hard isn’t it?

One of my goals which has remained constant within my career as a hair stylist is to be able to give my clients the best. Since I am only human, I tend to fall short sometimes and truthfully, it’s hard for me to not beat myself up when I do fail my clients. I have decided that we need to focus on what it is we love to do the most when it comes to hair.

In 2019 I am no longer setting goals, I am aiming for TARGETS! And I have a LOT of Targets to hit! I promise to share them with you over the next few months! Yes, I will share with you my targets for this month. Let me start with what has changed so far…..

As most of you know we have a new child policy, if you haven’t seen our updated policies you can visit and click on the Salon Policies tab.

We have also changed the way the salon looks. So please pardon our "dust." We have niched down our services and are no longer offering manicures, pedicures, weaves, or braids. The salon looks and feels a lot bigger with without the pedicure chairs in there anymore! There are a lot more changes coming in the next few months. We have scaled down and now consist of 5 stylists. Me (Ebonie), Ginger, Elizabeth, Abby and Sandy. We want to be able to really specialize in what we offer our clients. That means that we want to be the best and offer the best to our clients when it comes to Haircuts, Color and Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Our prices have changed as well and if you have any questions about prices please feel free to reach out to us.

Now for the fun stuff! January is the month of Whip Cream and Hot Chocolate! Which means every Saturday in the month of January we will have a Hot Chocolate Bar just for our clients! It will be filled with marshmallows, peppermint, cinnamon, and of course Whip Cream! We hope you enjoy this special little treat with us!

Each month we will have something new and delicious to try!

We will be having our first contest of 2019! Starting January 20th join us on Facebook or Instagram and enter the “Relax and Recharge” Contest. I can’t wait to see all the goodies we have for a lucky winner!

We would LOVE for you to try our Complimentary Paraffin Hand Treatment starting this month. With it being as cold as it has been our hands seem to suffer a lot. Before your stylist Shampoos your hair, you’ll get a chance to moisturize your hands and warm them up!

What I would love even more is for you to join us on Facebook and Instagram for our live videos. Each week you will get to see us in action daily, doing hair and having fun. Today was our first Live Video together on Facebook and Instagram. You can see our Live Video by clicking here. Join us every other Monday for some Salon Fun!

Feel free to like our page and leave us a comment!

And finally, January 2019 marks Oooh Girls official 5-year Anniversary!! What?

That’s just crazy!!

We are planning a Special Celebration for this summer, more details on that party coming soon!

I want to let you know how thankful I am for all your love and support in 2018. I hope to bring you a new and wonderful experience in 2019, each time you visit my salon.


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