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Experience Natural Beaded Row Extensions!

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered "How'd they do that?'

I don't know about you but I love watching the videos of how things are made. They are so satisfying. No matter what it is I want to see it from start to finish. Once I start watching those videos on Facebook I am sucked in and lose a good hour before I come up for food!

Natural Beaded Row Extensions are something I think every woman should experience. It is unlike anything I have ever seen or felt.

I know that for some women that is easier said than done. I have women message me every day asking me what it is like to get Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Will it hurt or damage my hair? Will I be able to swim or work out them? If I put my hair in a ponytail will my extensions show?

Some have told me awful stories of past extension experiences that have left them worse off than when they started. There is nothing worse than having your extensions fall out after just 2 weeks and $1,200!

Many women have lost a lot of their hair because of health and medical issues and what did grow back was even thinner than before. And then there are the women who were just born with thin hair, who have suffered their entire life with hair that was lifeless, doesn't grow past their shoulders and NEVER looks like the pictures they take to their stylist. So I completely understand being apprehensive about investing in something you aren't quite sure about.

So what is it like to experience Natural Beaded Row Extensions? While I don't have a satisfying video to show you (I will soon!) For now it will all have to be pictures. Pictures of my clients and my work wearing Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

You've filled out the application, we've had our phone consultation and now your appointment day has finally arrived! Here we go!

We start with another consultation! Yep, you read that right. I want your hair to be as perfect as possible! In order for that to happen you and I need to make sure we are 100% on the same page as far as the hair color you desire, the length of extensions you desire and whether or not all of that can be accomplished to give you your dream hair.

Let The Coloring Begin!

Depending on our color plan you may experience a complete color revamp or something more simple with just a few color adjustments.

Either way, while you are processing I am over in the corner coloring your hair extensions to match your hair seamlessly.

Color is what marries your hair and the hair extensions together. Together they create the look you desire. I promise no one will know you have extensions!

It's Time to Install Your Extensions!

I section your hair according to where the extensions will be placed.

Too high on your head and they will be hard to hide, too low on your head and they will be extremely uncomfortable. This is where my countless hours of practice comes into play.

With the right sectioning, your extensions will lay just right, hide in whatever hairstyle you decide to wear and won't cause any pain or discomfort.

Beadwork is the foundation of NBR and the most important part. Each bead is 2 mm in size, which is super tiny. I follow the curvature of your head and place approximately 15 to 20 of those small little beads in your hair. Between each of those beads is the string. The hair extensions are sewn onto the string and not attached at all to the beads. This allows for even distribution of weight around your head, preventing damage.

Next, I clip the extension hair onto the track that I just put in. This is what it looks like right before I start sewing it all together.

I tell all of my clients that when they first get hair extensions, especially if they have never worn any extensions ever, it feels like your wearing a headband that just the slightest bit to tight. It should be snug but not painful.

Once the hair has been sewn in we move on to your next row or track. Generally speaking, on average most clients start out with two rows of extensions.

Now comes the fun part!

Your new extensions now need to be blended into your hair. This is just one more step in creating that beautiful seamless blend. I promise, no matter how much hair you think you are losing as I cut, there is more than enough left over. The results leave you with the most natural-looking extensions.

We are almost done! You can't leave my chair without it being styled! During this part, we go over the best way to take care of your extensions, how to wash and blow-dry them and of course how to curl them.

This is so satisfying for me! I love creating these ringlet curls and then brushing them out! It's so much fun!

We finish off with a fabulous photoshoot! All the hair flips can be done now! It's time to show off! This is where I see your eyes light up and the smile across your face can not be contained. You can't stop touching your hair. You may run to the bathroom just to take a selfie to send to your husband. As you walk past the mirrors you stop and look because you can't believe that is actually you staring back.

You are a warrior. A mother, and hard-working woman with so many jobs. You put others before yourself, sometimes forgetting about yourself and your needs altogether.

It's time to focus on you, your health, your happiness.

Natural Beaded Row Extensions aren't just another hair extension method.

They are a reminder to yourself that you are important enough and confident enough to put yourself first and do something that makes you feel amazing both on the inside and out.

Become the very best version of you by giving yourself a little extra love!

I hope to see you soon!



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