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Celebrate This Special Day!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

National Grandparents day is an actual thing! Who knew! Honoring our grandparents became a national holiday only 7 short years ago. It was a way to show love and appreciation for the generations that came before us and to recognize the importance of having them in our lives and in our children's lives. So today I want to honor a very special person in my children's lives.

Meet one of the most important and influential woman not only in my life but in my children's lives as well:

Kathie, My Mom! A.K.A Nonie, she does NOT like to be called Grandma!

She was born here in Albuquerque in 1954 (don't worry, she knows I am sharing her age with you all.) and has lived here in New Mexico her entire life.

She is one of the strongest women I know. While battling breast cancer she put herself through college and raised 2 young girls (I have a younger sister). I watched as she worked, went to school and received chemotherapy all at the same time. Surviving breast cancer was one of her greatest accomplishments, at least in my eyes it was, it meant I was one of the lucky ones who got to keep their mother on this earth a little longer. She has worked since she was young, owning her own sewing and alterations business which allowed her to work from home when we were young and ending up at Presbyterian Hospital as a Pharmacy Tech. She finally celebrated her retirement at the end of last year. That by no means she has stopped "working." Nope, if anything she's doing so much more now then she did before. She's been a seamstress for 55 years and I don't think a day goes by where she's not at her sewing machines! If you have been in the salon you've seen some of the cute outfits shes made!

Let's talk about how amazing she is as a Grandmother...oops I mean as a Nonie! She has 3 grandchildren, Jairus who is 21, Tarek 16 and Lydia 10 years old. She became a Nonie at the young age of 44, yes I was a young mother, having Jairus at only 19 years old. We all lived together for the first two years of Jairus' life. Jairus and Nonie have a pretty special bond, he being the first grandchild and all. They both have a love for animals and insects. I don't know what kind of mother I would have ended up being without her in my life. Once Tarek and Lydia arrived she was a pro at being a grandparent. Now that they are older they seem to have so much more fun together. She picks them up from school, takes them shopping, has been with us for every single vacation we have ever taken and since she has been retired has helped me by planning and cooking dinner for us three nights a week. Yes, I am spoiled and I am so grateful to have her take time to do these things for us. My appreciation for her and what she has done for me and my children will never end!

She was awesome enough to take time out and spend the day with us in Old Town all while doing this little photo shoot. We did a little window shopping as well. Old Town has so much to see and it had been years since I had been there, it was a great little family excursion we got to share. We had so much fun even though it was a pretty hot day.

Amazing isn't the right word for this woman in our lives. She gives without hesitation, taking care of all of those around her before herself. She has survived so many trials and has always come out stronger on the other side. She's been my "guinea pig" ever since I started cosmetology school and now has been wearing Natural Beaded Row Extensions consistently for the past two years and doesn't plan on taking them out any time soon. Her love of her family shows in everything she does. Every time you walk into the salon, just know that she was a pretty big part of it coming to fruition. Her little touches are throughout the entire salon.

Take time today to honor the grandparents in your life, whether you still have them around or never had the chance to know them, you wouldn't be here without them and that alone should be something you are grateful for.

I would love to see your pictures of your grandparents! If you do decide to share some pictures tag me! We should all honor and share the amazing people in our lives!



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