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Are Extensions A Lot of Work?

Picture this! You’re sitting in my chair, you were so excited, so nervous, and you have no idea what to expect.

How do I shampoo them?

Can I brush them?

Will they hold a curl?

What if I mess up?

I don’t want to damage my extensions!

So what’s a girl to do?

Girl, I have got you covered! Today we’re going to talk about all of the dos and don’ts of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions!

Ready? Let’s do this!

To tell you that Natural Beaded Rows is one of the easiest to maintain and take care of hair extension methods on the market doesn’t tell you much.

Do: Brush your hair every night before bed. I tell my clients to either do two loose braids, one loose braid, or a low ponytail. After about the two-week mark, I usually throw my hair up in a bun. That’s my favorite way to sleep. Braiding your hair at night not only keeps your extensions from getting tangled, sweaty, and hot, it also helps hold your curl and your style, so there’s little to no styling in the morning for you as you get ready to walk out of the door.

Don’t: Sleep with wet hair. Sleeping with wet or damp hair can cause pulling and stretching on the extensions. When your hair is wet, you could cause damage and breakage to your natural hair and your hair extensions. Make sure that your hair is at least 80% dry before braiding or putting it up in a bun before you go to sleep.

Do: Brush your hair before you get in the shower. Brushing helps prevent tangles and matting. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. This protects your hair color and the quality of your hair extensions.

Now, look, we’ve just added a lot of hair to your head; you may not be used to how heavy it may feel when it is wet. I’m here to tell you that it will be a little heavier than what you’re used to. I tell my clients not to tip their heads all the way back. It just puts a little too much tension on their beads. Shampoo gently between your rows. There’s no need to scrub your head too hard. I always use clips in the shower. I part my rows out and clip them on top of my head so that it’s more accessible to shampoo between my rows and even easier to rinse out the shampoo that brings us to our next Do.

Do: Make sure that you are rinsing the shampoo out thoroughly. Often, even for myself, Shampoo can build up at the root of your rose, and for me, it just causes a lot of itching, which is no fun for anybody.

Don’t: Use a comb or a wide-tooth comb to comb your extensions. Your comb can get stuck in your extensions, pulling them out causing damage to your hair. When you are in my chair, you go home with a brush just for you to use on your extensions. I like to have more than one because I take one in the shower with me so that as the conditioners in my hair, I can use the brush in the shower to brush through my hair. Your brush will become your best friend.

  • If you like to visit the blow dry bars, tell the stylist doing your hair that you have Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. I never recommend using a round brush from the start to finish of your blow-dry. This also goes for blow-drying at home as well. If you’re used to using a round brush, consider using it towards the end of your blow-dry and not when your hair is soaking wet. The quickest and easiest rough, dry method is to section each row and then rough dry them separately. Rough dry your hair 80 to 90% of the way first, don’t pull on your extensions, don’t tug on them, don’t use a round brush or comb, use your hands and fingers.

Are you thinking about styling?

If you’re curling your extensions, make sure that you run the curling iron through your extensions once or twice before you start curling. This will smooth down the cuticle, give you a more polished look, and help your hair hold your curl even longer. No matter if you’re curling or wearing it straight, I always recommend that you use a heat protectant spray. Spray each section before you use your curling iron or flat iron.

Don’t: Do any tight ponytails or buns. The looser, the better.

Do: Use Olaplex #7 oil on your hair extensions from about midway down to the ends. I don’t recommend using too much oil on your natural hair, especially if you have fine hair, because it becomes a little too oily and can cause a separated look from your extensions.

Don’t: Tease your hair extensions. You can tease your hair but be careful to avoid the extensions. Tangling is not fun to brush out, especially in your hair extensions.

Do: Braid your hair or put your hair into a loose ponytail for vigorous activities and workouts. Your braids are your best bet. They will relieve a lot of tension on your beads when you’re jumping, playing tennis, or doing any other high-impact activities. A ponytail or topknot is better for your gentle kind of exercises like yoga or Pilates.

Don’t: Leave your hair loose if you plan on getting in a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Always have your hair pinned up or braided to prevent tangling. Jacuzzi and hot tubs will shorten the life of your hair extensions and cause tangling and matting.

Do: Always apply a leave-in conditioner to help seal in your color and prevent fading if you plan on swimming. And remember, no matter if you have extensions or not, always rinse out your hair. I suggest shampooing it after you’ve been in a swimming pool.

This is pretty much the guide that I give to every new client that sits in my chair. During their experience with Natural Beaded Row Extensions, we go over everything. I show you exactly what it feels like to shampoo between your rows. I show you exactly what it’s like to use the brush you go home with to brush your hair. We talk about the best ways to braid and put your hair in a ponytail to sleep at night. Not only that, but during your first week of having Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, you receive an email from me with step-by-step video tutorials on all of the products that you go home with. How to wear your hair at night. How do you use the products, how to shampoo and condition your hair and how to blow-dry and style your hair.

I am with you every step of the way!

I’m telling you Natural Beaded Rows is one of the easiest extension methods to manage, wear and maintain than anything I’ve seen on the market today.

I would love for you to experience what it’s like!

If you’re ready, and I think that you may be, click the link below, fill out the application and let’s schedule your consultation!

I can’t wait to see you!

Until next time,


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