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A New Lease On Life & Hair Extensions

Meet Sarah!

A beautiful, blue-eyed vivacious young woman I had the honor of having in my chair.

She has been through her fair share of health issues and has come out on the other side.

After suffering from debilitating pain throughout her teens and her early '20s Sarah was finally diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation, which affects brain tissue and the spinal canal. Brain surgery was the only way she was going to see any relief.

She underwent brain surgery in October of 2018. She awoke with a new lease on life. A pain-free life was just ahead of her.

The surgery required shaving the back of her head. A pretty big section of the back of her head.

Recovering was nothing short of amazing. Believe it or not, this amazing woman was back to work 2 weeks after undergoing surgery!

Now it was time for her hair to recover. That, of course, would take much longer.

The nurses who shaved her head did such a good job! It was a beautiful and even shave. I was quite impressed with their haircutting skills.

As most of us know, growing your hair out seems to take forever and for most, myself included we get impatient and want our hair back now!

Sarah's hair was growing back though. That alone was something to be grateful for.

But it wasn't quite enough. She wanted more! She desired longer hair, fuller hair. She already felt amazing, now she wanted what she felt on the inside to match the outside.

What sealed the deal in her quest for longer, fuller hair?

Getting engaged to the man of her dreams!

That's where I came into the picture! After filling out my NBR Extension application and have a great phone consultation we set the date!

2 Rows of Natural Beaded Row Extensions, custom colored to match her hair color. Blended and cut to look like she grew it herself!

The fun part comes at the end! The styling is where it all comes together. She knew she felt different, even before she even took a look in the mirror!

Now she's ready for each engagement photo, bachelorette party, and family gathering!

I love being able to give my guests the best hair they've ever had!

2020 is going to be an amazing year for Sarah! I can feel it!

Are you ready for your transformation?

Apply Today!



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